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Why Dry-Fire Training?

Repetition is the key to muscle memory

For a shooter, repetition can represent a considerable amount of ammunition to perfect a trigger squeeze. With the skyrocketing costs of ammo, Dry-Firing represents an affordable training alternative.

The Problem

Shooting a Deteriorating Skill. Studies have shown that in as little as one week after leaving the range, the average shooter's skills will diminish by as much as 20%.

The Catch

Results of a good shoot are easy to see at the range where bullet holes indicate where we hit the target. But range time and ammo can quickly become cost prohibitive. This is where dry fire practice really shines, but there's a problem: If the shooter can't see his errors in dry fire, he can't correct them.

The Solution: Dry Fire

Dry Firing allows a shooter to continually practice, maintaining and improving their skills while away from the range.

The Laser Ammo Advantage

With the Laser Ammo SureStrike Laser Cartridge, you can develop, improve and maintain your shooting skills using your favorite firearms. Practicing your stance, gun presentation, sight alignment, sight picture, breath control, trigger pull, and follow through was never easier.

Take the "Dry" Out of Dry-Fire Training

Hone Your Skills

Laser Ammo products turn the typical dry firing session into a powerful and rewarding learning experience where the shooter can easily recognize and correct any errors ingrained in muscle memory.

The SureStrike Advantage

Using the SureStrike™ with your carry gun, or with one of our recoil enable firearms, helps shooters obtain a stable grip, control trigger squeeze, reduce response time and aid in obtaining perfect sight alignment and sight picture.

Best of all, SureStrike is completely safe.

Train Safely

With Laser Ammo's unique UhrSecure™ safety system, a live round cannot be loaded into the firearm making it safe for indoor use. Additionally, SureStrike™ performs double-duty as a snap cap to protect the firing pin from damage while dry firing.

Use with your own firearm

The SureStrike™ is loaded into any firearm to perform drills with immediate feedback that the shooter can see and hear! Using their own firearms, allows the shooter to train with his or her own sight, trigger and holster to build the muscle memory needed to use their firearm under pressure.

Realistic Training Experience

The SureStrike™ is activated by the action of the striker or firing pin, so the shooter will not experience any misfires. Using one of Laser Ammo’s recoil enabled firearms will give the shooter the ability to train even more realistically with a full recoil at home.

Train For Every Scenario

Using the SureStrike™ with your own firearm and our reocil enabled firearms along with our electronic targets and Smokeless Range® Simulator create the perfect way to practice any number of combat or home invasion scenarios as well as IPSIC, IPDA, Fast Draw and Cowboy Action Shooting.

Bring the Range to You!

They can be used at home, the office, garage, or basement. Anytime, anywhere! And best of all – you will be saving time and money.

The Fundamentals of Dry-Firing

First and Foremost

The first thing to do before practice is to ensure that all firearms are unloaded and that no live ammunition is present in the area where training is to take place.

Break down the details

While practicing, break every detail down of the firing sequence, acquire a perfect sight picture, hold your breath, squeeze the trigger while releasing that breath and see if the sights move.

Tiny adjustments yield big results

Concentrate on the small errors and seek to correct them. With the SureStrike installed, this becomes even easier as the laser dot will hit different areas on the target, other than the point of aim. When these small errors are fixed, the next session with live ammunition at the range will be another step closer to perfection.

Practice makes perfect, and Laser Ammo provides the perfect tools, with which to practice!

No recoil, less flinch

Firing a gun is not a natural activity for the body. The human brain will normally try to avoid situations that are deemed to be dangerous. Loud noises and physical jolts are among the things that the brain naturally seeks to avoid. It’s perfectly natural for the body to try to avoid the loud noise and physical jolt of firing a gun, but this natural response is not conducive to good accuracy. What happens is that the body begins to avoid the noise and impact at the very moment the trigger is being pulled, usually by closing the eyes, turning the head to look away, or both. This is commonly called flinching.

Dry fire is excellent for treating flinching because there is no recoil and no loud noise. Without the fear of loud noise or physical injury the brain can improve the skill of pulling the trigger without disturbing the gun.

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Confidence Building

Learning to shoot a gun accurately can be very frustrating. It can be very discouraging when you think you’re doing everything right, but the bullet holes in the target are nowhere near where you want them. Factor in the cost of range time and ammunition and a shooter could begin to feel like a failure very quickly. We know from sports psychology that confidence is key to good performance, so a shooter that feels like a failure is more likely to fail. Dry fire is helpful from a mental standpoint, because there are no bullet holes in a target that indicate failure. Because of this, a shooter is more likely to remember what they did right as opposed to what they did wrong. Remembering and repeating good performance can only build the skill and confidence of a shooter.

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Practice non-shooting gun skills

Another great use of dry fire is in the development of non-shooting gun skills. These are all of the things that we need to do with a gun besides actually firing it. Draws, reloads, aiming one-handed, and moving while aiming are all skills that can be practiced in dry fire with no need for ammunition or a range.

Less Trigger Jerking

A trigger jerk is defined as a trigger pull that disrupts the gun’s aiming point. Shooters jerk the trigger for two main reasons: Either they haven’t understood that trigger control is the main ingredient of accuracy, so they worry too much about aiming the gun and not enough about firing it without moving it away from an acceptable sight picture. Ironically, that contributes to the second reason for trigger jerking: Trying to fire the gun as quickly as possible when the sight picture is deemed to be PERFECT.

If a shooter believes that he can achieve a perfect sight picture, it’s only natural that he would want to fire the gun while the sight picture is PERFECT. This desire to fire the gun immediately in the presence of a perfect sight picture tends to cause a rushed trigger pull, which disrupts the gun. If the shooter doesn’t understand what has happened, the only thing he knows to do is aim more. This will not solve the problem.

Dry fire can teach a shooter to press the trigger correctly without disturbing the gun, but ONLY if the shooter is paying attention.

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