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LaserPET – Personal Electronic Target

Guaranteed to improve speed & accuracy without a computer

LaserPET II Personal Electronic Target

Reactive target give immediate feedback with each shot

Proper marksmanship requires the shooter to work on many things, including (but not limited to):

  1. Sight Alignment
  2. Sight Picture
  3. Respiratory Pause
  4. Proper Trigger Squeeze
  5. Follow Through

Training in a casual and relaxed environment will go a long way when it comes to preparing for your next competition, hunting trip, live fire self-defense training, and various law enforcement and miliary job requirements.

Configure Your Range Any Way You Want

Tactical ShootingBullseyeFast Draw HuntingIPSCIPDA More

Laser Ammo's reactive target systems improve shooting skills such as drawing, target acquisition and trigger squeeze while building a solid foundation for accuracy and speed. Our reactive targets give immediate audio, visual and numeric feedback with unlimited training options without the need for a computer.


With the LaserPET II not only can you see when you hit the target, you can hear them as well, allowing you to focus on your sights without being distracted.

Shot Timer

The LaserPET II includes a shot timer, split times between shots, and total time of the drill so you can train on your reloads, holstering and target acquisition.


Improve your reaction time to ensure your shots land on target quicker than ever during your next range session, IDPA/USPSA match, Fast-Draw match, and more!


Make each shot count with valuable visual, audible, and time feedback. Hit the target on time, every time.

Malfunctions Training

When you are in danger, you need to act fast in case your gun will stop working. With the LaserPET II you can practice different malfunction drills under pressure and time.

Standalone Targets

Our reactive targets use AAA batteries with no need for a computer, cell phone or webcam. This gives the shooter the ability to use the targets indoors or in shaded areas outdoors or in different rooms/locations in your own home or office.

Practice Shooting With
Instant Feedback

Using reactive targets, the shooter is required to hit the target in a specific time frame, hit multiple targets, race between different shooters and much more. Immediate visual and audible feedback, as well as a shot timer and recording of split times, allows the shooter to realize a hit or miss while still obtaining proper sight alignment and sight picture. It also records the number of hits and reaction time and can be used with a variety of target inserts to practice target acquisition.

LaserPET II – Build and maintain your accuracy and speed

The LaserPET™ II is a standalone advanced laser activated reactive target, that will dramatically enhance your shooting skills with immediate visual and audible feedback with every shot.

LaserPET™ II allows any level of shooter to train at their own pace, and customize their training routine, with six interactive training programs that will improve their response & draw time, accuracy, reloads and much more.

Why laserPET?

Small, portable, and no need for WIFI- The LaserPET™ II helps you work on holster draw, sight alignment/picture, trigger discipline and more making you more accurate while training with your own personal firearm.

Who should use it?

Ideal for shooters of all skill levels looking to improve or maintain firearms familiarity, speed, accuracy, and all aspects of firearms marksmanship. Perfect for not only handguns, but shotguns and rifles as well.

Why use it?

The LaserPET™ II target system is the embodiment of these 2 trains of thought: “Aim small, miss small” and “Slow is smooth, smooth is fast”. Improve your speed and accuracy for those real-life scenarios when seconds count… whether it be in a match or self-defense situation.

Which gun we recommend using:

The LaserPET™ II was built to use with your own personal firearm (although it would work with our recoil enabled training guns, we believe that the shooter will benefit much more working with their personal gun on this target). We understand that in most cases you will need to rack the slide or charge the handle but working on your first shot again and again will allow you to train on almost all of the drills you will need in order to build your techniques.

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