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CQB In A Box

Enhanced Force on Force
& Active Shooter Training


As its name suggests, the CQB in a Box is a set of 3, portable, life-sized reactive target system designed for tactical entry and dynamic room clearing as well as active shooter simulation training. Versatile enough to be used by an individual or any sized team. The system can be spread out throughout a room or building and can be set up to simulate shoot/no-shoot targets.

The CQB in a Box comes with a set of 3 targets that can be quickly and easily adjusted for various target heights and angles depending on your individual training needs.

Each target comes with 3 reactive hit zones, with focus on head, torso, and pelvic girdle shots. Each hit zone can be made larger or smaller with provided shoot zone cards to test and improve precision and accuracy. The CQB includes a wireless controller to allow the user to start and stop the drill from afar. The user can wirelessly connect the targets to a windows computer and program each of the targets building unique drills for any force on force situation.

The CQB comes in a specially designed carry case that allows for total mobility between different locations. Designed to be set up in any training rooms, academies or simulated business/urban environments, this system is easy to use and is powered by common AAA batteries (Included).

Build your own scenarios

Wirelessly connect the CQB targets to a windows computer. Program each of the targets building unique drills for any force-on-force situation.

CQB Advantages

  • Full size targets
  • Immediate Light & sound feedback
  • Portable – with dedicated carry case
  • Physical controller that allows remote start & stop.
  • Proprietary Software to program the reactive targets according to scenarios.
  • Easy & fast installation
  • Indoor & (shaded) Outdoor training
  • Will work with all Laser Ammo lasers – Red & IR

What is CQB?

The CQB is the only humanoid size and portable reactive target system on the market. It can be set up in minutes in any location for room clearing and/or active shooter training.

Who is going to use it?

The CQB in a box was designed for the military, Law Enforcement, schools, and other tactical training units. It can also be used at ranges to train new competitive shooter or by experienced shooters to improve their shooting.

Why use it?

Train safely, in a variety of locations for a variety of scenarios. The CQB in a box will allow the users to train safely with laser firearms on location in just a few minutes.

Which firearms we recommend
using with the CQB?

All Laser Ammo recoil guns and/or your own AR platform rifles equipped with the Flash Bolt.

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