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Interactive Electronic Targets

Tactical Home Defense Training,To Protect What's Most Important

i-M.T.T.S - Target Training System

Guaranteed to improve your speed & accuracy, with no need for a computer

Laser Ammo's reactive target systems improve shooting skills such as drawing, target acquisition and trigger squeeze while building a solid foundation for accuracy and speed. Our reactive targets give immediate audio, visual and numeric feedback with unlimited training options without the need for a computer.

Configure Your Range Any Way You Want

Tactical ShootingBullseyeFast Draw HuntingIPSCIPDA More

Build your own shooting arena at home for advanced tactical training, decision making and competition practice.

  • change programs remotely
  • view split and total times
  • set auto / manual restart
  • random shot timer
  • define training length
  • decide between sound / light response
  • extend target range
  • build sub groups
  • and much more

I-MTTS Arena – Wireless tactical training, for real-life situation that will come your way

The Interactive Multi Target Training System (i-MTTS) together with the System Controller is more than a home range, it is a full shooting arena that lets you simulate an unlimited number of training drills for practicing home defense, IPSC, IPDA, Steel Challenge, defensive style training, or even combat training for law enforcement and military, while developing target recognition, speed, accuracy, transitions and ‘shoot/no-shoot’ skills.

Choose the package that best fits your training needs and budget, with 3 or 5 targets or 3 or 5 targets with the System Controller. All sets come with four different target cards design and 6 different training programs!

The i-MTTS works with Laser Ammo SureStrike™ laser training cartridge (for your double action pistol), or Laser Ammo Recoil Enabled Training Firearms, both in visible red and invisible (IR) lasers.

The System Controller is a control and display unit for the i-MTTS, acting both as a remote control and a numeric display for the user’s performance that includes a timer for total and split time and much more.

The I-MTTS ARENA offers options that are not available in any other electronic target training system that includes:

  • First shot timer
  • Steel plate shooting
  • 'Chase the Ball'
  • 'Double tap'
  • Mag change timer
  • Shoot - No shoot

Why i-MTTS?

Portable, wireless, and easily arranged in endless ways to keep your training fresh! Work on defensive tactics, dynamic movements, transitions and more to prep for your next match, hunting trip, or possible self-defense scenario. No need for computer or Wi-Fi.

Who should use it?

Ideal for shooters of all skill levels looking to train at home for self-defense or your next match.

Why use it?

Tactical training at your own home or department, with shoot/no shoot and 6 different programs that will improve your speed, while working on movements, transitions and target acquisition add on the system controller for valuable time feedback, allowing you to better yourself each and every training session. Arrange the targets around the room and interchange target cards of various shapes and sizes to customize your training.

Which gun we recommend using:

As training with the i-MTTS requires rapid follow up shots, using a striker fired pistol will not allow the shooter to gain a full potential of those targets. The i-MTTS target system is designed to use with your personal double action handgun, a Glock that is equipped with a reset trigger, a pump action shot gun, or with one of Laser Ammo’s Recoil Enabled Training Guns or Advanced Laser Training Pistol.

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