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The Smokeless Range® Simulator

Cost Effective and User Friendly Marksmanship Simulator Training.

Smokeless Range® Training Simulator

Enhance Your Skills With This Cost-Effective Top-Notch Simulator

The Smokeless Range® is a marksmanship and judgmental simulator for home, office or department use. It is by far the best training tool to train for use of force, concealed carry, personal protection and police qualification. It is also an amazing tool for competitive shooters to train for IPSC, Steel Challenge and more.

To use Smokeless Range You will need:


Room with controlled lighting and no sunlight


Windows 7, 8.1, or 10 PC that meets minimum specifications

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Video Projector

Capable of 1280x720 resolution and 2000 to 3500 Lumens (Depending on Screen Size)

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Projection Screen

White projection screen
(highly recommended)
Flat white wall (non-glossy)
Flat screen TV (with filter)

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Laser Training Device

Red/IR laser for dry fire with SureStrike & ATLP, or IR Laser for Recoil Enabled Firearms

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Smokeless Range® can also work on a flat screen tv (with filter), to learn more click here. For more information please visit our knowledge base.

What do I need to buy?

To use the Smokeless Range Shooting Simulator, you will need to start with the Smokeless Range® (SKU: SR001). The Smokeless Range® includes a high-speed camera, tripod and the license to the software. The Smokeless Range® is the base software necessary for all the add-ons Laser Ammo offers.

When buying the Smokeless Range® Simulator (or any of our Smokeless Range® Combos) You will have a choice between our standard camera, and our short throw camera (to be paired with your short throw projector).

In general, our standard camera is perfect if you use the simulator in one location, when you can control the lighting and you do not have limitation on the size of the room. The short throw camera, was designed for commercial use, when you want to use a larger size screen, to bring the projector and camera closer to the screen, It is great when you cannot control the lighting (in both cameras you cannot have any sun light), and you have small location or you need to move between different locations.

Standard Camera

For use at home in larger location

Throw ratio of 1.6:1 – the distance the projector will need to be back from the screen. For example, a 10ft wide image would require the camera to be 16ft back from the screen.

Short Throw Camera

For commercial use in small location (like trade show booths, gun store etc.) when you cannot control the lighting conditions.

Throw ratio of 0.5:1 – the distance the projector will need to be back from the screen. For example, a 10ft wide image would require the camera to be only 5ft back from the screen.


(SKU: SR001)

Package Includes
  • USB Laser Tracking Camera
  • USB Cable
  • Tripod
  • Smokeless Range Software includes these drills: Bomb Blast, Can Toss, Dueling Tree, Match Target Drill, Moving Target Drill, Speed Drill, Target Shooting, Tracking Drill, Trap Shooting.

Expand Your Smokeless Range® Simulator with These Great Add Ons!

Recommended for Law Enforcement, Firearms Trainers, and Shooters of Any Skill Level!

Wild Boar Hunt

Welcome to Wild Boar Hunt, the ultimate hunting add-on for the Smokeless Range®, created with the expertise of renowned European hunters. Experience the thrill and challenge of European wild boar hunting, a sport that requires skill, patience, and accuracy.

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Western Shooter

Western Shooter brings you into the wild west, testing your dueling skills, target identification, speed, and much more in a variety of western themed training scenarios.

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Open Range

Create and design your own training courses with endless possibilities. Modify any of our pre-made courses or create your own using custom targets and shooting sounds. Share your custom courses with friends and others.

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M-Range 2.0

The M-Range 2.0 is a course of fire, qualification training software that allows you to build your own course of fire and train up to four shooters at the same time.

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Video Scenario Trainer Pro 2.0

The Video Scenario Trainer Pro 2.0 plays real life, shoot/no shoot video scenarios that can branch to different outcomes either by a trainer's input or by the trainee hitting a designated zone on a character. Train with of the many included scenes or use the included editor to add your own videos to meet your specific training needs. VST-P also allows the shooter to review the scenario and their shot placement at the end of each drill.

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Tactical Targets

The Tactical Targets add-on presents a series of shoot/no shoot targets as you move through an animated environment. Includes five different courses of fire to choose from with one being a timed target range to really push and test your skills. Target presentation is randomized every time the course is ran to ensure the training never gets old.

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Train for your next IPSC competition with the next generation of high-end graphics. Includes 10 different courses with multiple stages in each one, leaderboard and more. *This software requires a higher level of minimum computer specifications.

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Competitive Shooter - Steel Challenge

Bring this exciting competition right to your home. The Steel Challenge add-on includes eight different courses that you will see in the real competitions. Go head to head with up to 5 shooters and a leaderboard to track your progress to see who is the fastest.

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Fast Draw

Train for your next fast draw competition. This add on allows up to two shooters to compete according to standard fast draw regulations.

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Game Range Alpha

A must have add on to your Smokeless Range simulator that includes five marksmanship games that add more fun filled shooting practice to your Smokeless Range, while still working on various marksmanship skills.

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Learn More About the Effectiveness of Simulators & Dry Fire Training

Read These Current Studies That Highlight the Importance and Benefits of These Types of Training

The effectiveness of use of force simulation training


International Police Training Journal


Firearms Simulation Study


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